//  Conference abstracts

Ackermann A., Roskin J., Khalaily H., Yegorov D., Vardi J. The Motza mega-site: initial geoarchaeological finds of an extensive PPNB burnt subsurface in the Jerusalem Hills, Israel


Ben Dor E., Granot A., Wallach R.: A new optical  and portable accessory to measure soil hydrophobicity in the field


Bergman N., Greenbaum N., Beeri-Shlevin Y., Glassman H., Nusboim S., Unger S., Rimmer A.: Pre- and post-fire differences in suspended sediment values from a riparian delta forest in the Majrase nature reserve, NE Sea of Galilee, Israel


Culler E., Brucker C., Abolafia-Rosenzweig R.,  Livneh B., Tiampo K.,  Minear T., Rosario-Ortiz F.: Post-fire impacts on landslides and sedimentation


de Assumpção C.R.B., Köster K., Heinonsalo K., Pumpanen J., Berninger F., Metslaid M., Jõgiste K., Orumaa A.: Changes in extracellular enzyme activities, and CO2 emissions across fire chronosequence in an Estonian hemiboreal forest


Dymov A.: Impact of surface running fires at boreal forest on soils and soil organic matter (European Northeast of Russia)


Fachin P.A. and Thomaz E.L.: Soil physical-chemical dynamics along a chronosequence with slash-and-burn agriculture


Fox D.M.,  Guyot, R., Genin J-R., Garbolino E (Solicited): Characterizing fires and fire history in the Wildland Urban Interface of south-east France


Francos M., Herranz X., Pereira P., Stefanuto E.B., Úbeda X.: Effects of grazing cattle on soil properties after a wildfire. 2 years case study in NE Spain


Friedlander L., Maman S., Weisbrod N., Blumberg D.: Differentiating ash contaminated by trace metals using field spectroscopy and remote sensing


Hamza S.A.: Effects of wildfire temperature and combustion matter on the physical, morphological and mineralogical properties of the ash


Herold C., Renan I., Dayan T.: Effects of fire on the arthropod community in Kfira National Park


Girona-García A., Ortiz-Perpiñá O., Martí-Dalmau C., Badía-Villas D.: Changes in soil organic C and related biological properties after prescribed burning of shrublands for pasture restoration in the Central Pyrenees (NE-Spain)


Greenbaum N., Wittenberg L., Malkinson D., Inbar, M.:  Post- 2010 forest fire hydrological and sedimentological changes in the upper Nahal Oren basin, Mt. Carmel Israel – a comparison to pre-fire natural rates


Grover H., Bowker M.A., Fulé P.Z.: Assessing fire moss effects on post-wildfire soil properties in semi-arid forests


Keizer J.J., Vieira A., Gonzalez-Pelayo O., Campos I., Corticeiro S., Lopes A., Vieira D.: The role of crown consumption, ecosystem functional unit and soil burn severity in wildfire ash loads of two contrasting Maritime Pine stands in north-central Portugal


Keizer J.J., Gonzalez-Pelayo O., Corticeiro S., Lopes A., Foresta S., Baron C., Martins M., Prats S., Valente S., Vieira D.: Field demonstration experiments of post-fire erosion and its mitigation in north-central Portugal following the Pedrogão-Goís wildfire


Keizer J.J., Oliveira B.R.F., Foken T., Campos I., Carreira J.P., Cerqueira M., Gonzalez-Pelayo O., Jesus C., Maia P., Martins M., Miroto A., Pereira L.M.G., Pinto G., Pio C., Vieira A., Vieira D.C.S.: Indirect effects of wildfires on carbon budgets and fluxes


Lewis R.: Stones and fire: Landscape Archaeology and the management of fire episodes in antiquity


Michael Y., Lensky I.M., Brenner S., Helman D., Glickman O., Gabay D.: Using decomposed MODIS NDVI time series to improve wildfire risk mapping in Mediterranean forests


Pereira P., Brevik E., Bogunovic I., Estebaranz F., Francos M., Ubeda X.: Ash and soils. A close relationship in fire affected areas


Pereira P., Telak L.J., Bogunovic I., Kisic I.: Moderate Wildfire severity impacts on soil properties in a shrubland located in Dalmatia (Croatia): First results


Polinova M., Wittenberg L., Kutiel J., Brook A.: Fire behavior modeling on urban area: Haifa case study


Robichaud P.R., Massman W.J., Bova A., Girona García A.: Modeling Soil Heating and Moisture Flux During Prescribed Fires and Wildfires


Shoshani M, Roitberg, E.: The response of shrubland patterns' properties to rainfall changes and to the catastrophic removal of plants in semi-arid regions predicted by Reaction–Diffusion simulations


Sayegh J. and Ben-Hur M.: Effects of forest fires on structure and hydraulic properties of soils with different mineralogy


Tessler N., Borger H., Rave E., Argaman E., Wittenberg L., Kopel D., Brok A., Elkabets E., Abbas S., Vig B., Machmud H., Levi A., Baron E.: Geomorphological restoration of steep slopes in the "Shazar-Dakar" urban forest, Haifa, Israel


Thomaz E.L.: Fire in the Brazilian Amazon and dynamics of aggregate stability in slash-and-burn system


Úbeda X., Alcañiz M., Borges G., Francos M., Outeiro L.: Soil quality of old agricultural terraces managed with prescribed fires and livestock in the municipality of Capafonts, Catalonia, Spain (2000-2017)


Ursino N.: Dynamic models for fire regimes in changing environments


Vieira A: The role of rainfall frequency and magnitude on soil erosion in burnt areas


Vieira D.C.S., Lopes A.R., Corticeiro S., Serpa D., Keizer J: Predicting post-fire soil erosion and its mitigation in Maritime Pine stands


Yu Y., Thurman M., Ferrer I., Thorn K., Retuta A., Rosario-Ortiz F.: Thermal transformation and mobilization of soil organic matter by wildfires


Zituni R., Wittenberg L., Malkinson, D.: The effects of post-fire forest management on soil erosion rates 3 and 4 years after a wildfire, demonstrated on the 2010  Mt. Carmel fire

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